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Пітер Сантінелло

(мовою оригіналу)

Peter Santenello 40+

-My father got stuck on the metro for three hours in New York City before my two brothers and I were born. He snapped, quit his job, and never returned to NYC. He moved with my mother five-hours away to the countryside in the state of Vermont.

-I grew up in a town where there were more cows than people.

-At 9-years-old I started working for money, mowing lawns, and gardening at all of the neighbor’s properties.

-My baseball coach in 8th grade wouldn’t let me play baseball (not because of talent, but because my father was an outsider).

-I realized I’d have to be very independent and do things on my own at a young age if I ever wanted to get out of my small town and do anything great.

-I quit baseball and started riding my bicycle long distances.

-A man that owned a bike store from a town forty-five minutes away introduced me to bike racing.

-Bike racing showed me the northeast of America and got me out of my isolated town. I learned the lessons of: discipline, hard work equals reward, amazing things happen outside of comfort, etc. I saw new places….

-I started playing hockey late in life and was the most inexperienced player on the team at the age of fifteen. One year later I was the captain of the team. This experience had a profound positive effect on my confidence.

-I bought my first car… an old 1984 VW Rabbit GTI at the age of fifteen. I got my driver’s license on my sixteenth birthday. I lost my virginity in the back seat of it that night.

-At my high school graduation everybody was either going to college, the military, or to work. My best friend Steve and I took our small savings, got in his father’s van, and headed west towards California. We lived out of the van for four months.

-We never traveled or took vacations growing up. The American west was like a whole new place that opened up my world.

-Experiencing California made me realize I’d never live back in: cold, quiet, and grey Vermont again.

-At 18-years-old I moved to Colorado and went to college.

-I dropped out of college after two years because I had too much energy and I couldn’t sit in a chair for over twenty minutes.

-I moved to Lake Tahoe, California to pursue my passion of snowboarding. I worked nights at a restaurant and snowboarded in the day.

-I got good, competed, and placed second at the North American Extreme Competition.

-I became a cameraman and started an auto detailing business in Lake Tahoe.

-Europe was always my dream.

-At the age of 22, I set the goal to save money and leave for Europe at the age of 24 for a 7-month trip.

-That trip turned out to be 2 years and over 50 countries. Tbilisi, Georgia opened up my world much more. I lived shortly in Switzerland and Thailand.

-I returned to the USA in debt—that I worked two years to get out of—and had a strong desire to finish university.

-I went to the University of Nevada.

-I bought a house with little money (2006 America reality before housing bubble burst).

-I took out student loans to travel to places like Syria on my university breaks.

-I grew my business and hired employees.

- I graduated university and attempted at my dream of making a travel TV show. It was shot in The Republic of Georgia. I went to L.A. often to try to sell it. It got interest, but not enough. National Geographic said it didn’t have a dark enough ending. I invested $25,000 in this project, and couldn’t make it work.

-I built my detailing business more, hired a good manager, and removed myself from it for half of the year each year.

-My father died in my arms.

-I traveled the world with my x-girlfriend for 6 months a year for a few years. I lived in Spain for a winter.

-I moved to San Francisco.

-My 5-year relationship ended.

-I worked on a startup that connected people through common interests. The business failed. It cost me a lot of money.

-I did ayahuasca and it had profound effects on me. I stopped drinking alcohol immediately afterwards without an intention to do so.

-I struggled with trying to find my purpose and passion. I wanted more than just to make money through my business. I wanted to be one of those fortunate people that connect their passion/purpose with their profession.

-I moved to Kyiv.

-I lived in Osypenko for a summer.

-I’ve connected to my passion/purpose at the age of forty. I’m making video projects that show an American/Western audiences content about places that usually only get negative exposure—like Ukraine—through meaningful human stories.


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