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Everything you see it`s only your imagination. It`s all about ideas, people, creatures that live inside your head. It is Muse inside you. Muses that surround you. Things you fond of. Don`t be afraid to choose. Fulfil your reality with different, weird, colourful, unique colors.


Any changes lead to movement. Movement leads life itself. The quality of road you`re using - depends on your choice.

#muse4youth stories

Oksana Kononets

19 years old - fall from the 5th floor, severe fracture of the cervical spine 23 years old - began photo model career

Ksandra Osinina

3 The first memories. They are specific: an incredible, favorite aroma of fresh strawberries, disturbing and terrible smell of blood when I cut my hand with a grandfather's blade. Feeling of weightlessness in the hands of parents, a sun-blazing tree on my favorite playground. All those feelings, sounds were crucial for me, but, perhaps, the smells were the most important.

Lili Bratus

3 months - a Hungarian tailor, who was a landlord that my parents rented apartment at, predicted that this baby would become a tailor too

Kobus Olivier

14 - made a wow never drink alcohol or smoke. To this day I have never tasted any alcohol or smoked a cigarette. Yoga, weight training and a healthy lifestyle became a way of life for me.






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Ball-sports dancing on a charitable basis (free of charge) for children with disabilities and children of ATO soldiers