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Sergii Stamov

Sergii Stamov - sound director.

1 Why did you decide to work on this project?

First of all, I was interested in recording the sound of the Didgeridoo at this project. Never recorded this music instrument, so it was very interesting to do this. But the project itself is very unusual and interesting in general, I love it.

2 How did you choose your profession?

This is a very long story, so I will try to answer briefly. I came consciously to my current profession, having already worked for several years in as sound director... Since I have been doing music since the early years, so I loved the sound directors profesion.

3 What are the plans for the future? Perhaps there is something particular you want to do?

I want my own recording studio.

Do you have any unrealized childhood dreams that you want to fulfil in nearest future?

I do not have such children's dreams. All dreams come to me in adulthood, and some of them have already come true – it's my work in the field of sound-making and the ability to write my own music in a good quality.

5 What do you think about aging? (Does the age play some role - for you personally and for people in general) - what is your opinion?

After a certain age (the age is different for everybody), the age ceases to have any meaning... It influence only on health! In everything else, only experience matters and the ability to make right conclusions from life situations… The work on mistakes So to speak.

6 Regarding the profession. Why is it sound making, music? 

Music is a way of self-expression for me, desire to share something beautiful with people, give them emotions in a "clean" way! The initial motivation for me is to create my own, unique thing! That`s why I started to create my own music.
Sound direction for me is already a profession! This profesion has a broad orientation so it also has a place of expression and creativity. That is why I love my profession.