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Diana Dobrovolska

Diana Dobrovolska - make-up artist and photo model.

  1. Why you desided to participate at this project and what inspires you?

My friend asked me to take part at new social project so I agreed. I`m inspired by artists, famous people, those who succeeded in their lives and achieved their goals.

  1. Why did you decide to become a make-up artist? Could you tell us some interesting facts of your life.

In fact, I have an economic education, but I graduated university only because my parents wanted so. After university I went to make-up school. But unfortunately my expectations were not justified. I attended the art school earlier, but at the courses they did not approve creative, everything had to be correct and classical. That's why I was disappointed. But I like to create, like when it is my project, like to organize photo shoost.

  1. What would you recommend to others? How to succeed?

I never give advice. Everyone should find their own inspiration in this life. Only you can hear your inner voice and understand what do you really want and how to achieve your goals.