social art project more

Arman Tadevosyan

Arman - co-founder of T&M object and Gaff design

1 Why you desided to participate at this project and what inspires you?
Because my mom became a grandmother, but she is still very young and active.
My daughter was born and I began to think about such concepts as age more often.
Than I met Oleksandra. At first I thought they want to order something, but they ask me to become a team member of their project. I said - yes, and met lots of really cool people.
Shoots was very interesting. 

2 What is your mother doing?
Nothing special, just working hard.

3 How did you choose your profession?
I studied law, but then I decided to become an artist and entered arts institute. Therefore, everything is simple (decided to follow the calling of the heart).
I have talan given by God, so I decided not to bury it.

4 What are the plans for the future? Perhaps there is something particular you want to do?
Want to observe the world. But not just to observe but to understand the deep meaning of all of that. Why this world was created and where are we going.
This needs not just be understood but this knowledge must affect your life, and everything else. Therefore, I want to go deeper into the knowledge of the immaterial world.