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Everything you see it`s only your imagination.
It`s all about ideas, people, creatures that live inside your head.
It is Muse inside you. Muses that surround you.
Things you fond of.
Don`t be afraid to choose. Fulfil your reality with different, weird, colourful, unique colors.

*every part of this art video is a reflexion of things that heroes of social art project "Muse for Youth" are fond of. It is their weird inspiration.

Project team:

Part I - Muse
Idea & organization: Elster kreativagentur 
Curator: Oleksandra Sorokina 
Photographer: Victoria Art
Style: Victoria Nóż
MUH: Yuliya Malyuk
Floristics: Sergey Parfenov floral atelier
Wooden decor : T&M objects - Arman Tadevosyan
Film editor: Sergii Stamov
Director of photography: Kirill Kopa
Cameraman: Alexander Djantimirov
Sound director: Sergii Stamov
Models: Milad Moghadam, Dmytro Stepanchuk, Olga Titova, Olga Bondarchuk
Venue: Platforma