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Yuriy Garmash

Yuriy Garmash, 69+

6 years old – find out about Stalin's death, wish to stay a kid forever
10 years old – want to become a grow up...with a beard.
16 – take my first photo and make photo enlarger with kerosene lamp because there was no electricity...
18 years – almost became a puppeteer at Kharkiv puppet theatre. Work as a prompter.
33 – shoot my best film as cameraman.
50 – understood that love my One and Only for all my life.
60 – became a pensioner but it has some positive sides...
66 years old – a photo made by me is one among the best 50 photoes about Maidan. This photo is now at Paulo Coelho collection.
67 – my first students graduated from the university. Proud.
68,5 – want to travel, not like Gregoriy Skovoroda, but with comfort...
69 + – planning to make a film in " ukrainian Fellini" style. Script by Ivan Mukolaychuk and Yuriy Garmash. We planned to make this movie with Ivan many years ago, we dreamed about it together. But only now, unfortunately after genius death this might happen.