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Vlad Zabora

Vlad 40+

Looking back, I recall that it seemed being 40 years old is a deep aging, and now, crossing the 40-year threshold, I really feel full of strength for new achievements. Perhaps this story gives me the opportunity to stop for a short while and recall the path that has already been traversed, although I have always lived on the principle: to be proud not of past victories, but of the future wins. 

As far as I remember, I always had thousands of affairs, occupations, classes and groups, the school was only a small part of the life of a small person. Everything was interesting, I wanted to know everything, to be able to do all, to achieve much. Having taken such a crazy pace in my childhood I still do not stop, and I always wonder to myself how everything can be done? 

But I'm not going to stop! In the present days, I have several directions of my favorite work and almost no free time. But I'm not complaining, I'm glad I can embody my intentions, live a full life, communicate with people, get new experience every day. 

In my life, everything has always been a chance. Random people who appeared exactly when it was needed, occasional meetings that were probably not accidental.
Just by chance, or by a happy coincidence, I found myself in the right place at the right time.


From childhood I loved creativity in all its manifestations. And now I am grateful to the fate and circumstances that led me to my specialty today. Although once I did not think I would do that. But all my childish hobbies contributed to the maximum disclosure in this profession, and the pace taken in childhood contributed to the achievement of my goals.

There is such creative job as hairdresser. For me, this is a person who transforms not only your appearance, but your inner world. Therefore, it is very important to which hairdresser you go. Many people believe that there is nothing difficult in this profession, but in fact, it is a big responsibility - to trim people, change their views on themselves and on life itself. Many people wonder whether hairdressing is natural or learned talent, I think that the answer is this: people with creative thinking can be good masters, the main thing is their desire. 

A hairdresser is a specialist in external and internal. It is important to accept  the client mentally, to listen to his\her wishes, to accept them with your own smile and understanding, but to cover them with your professionalism and experience. And then, as they say, hands create an image, and the heart and mind listen to the soul of the client, trying to understand his\her nature, accepting it completely while listening, giving advice, if necessary, healing it.
So that is how creative and multifaceted work of the hairdresser is!



Nowadays the profession of hairdresser is becoming more and more popular among men. I'm not an exception. Despite the fact that I have a higher education and I am currently working as a University lecturer in this field, I get the greatest pleasure from simple work in the beauty salon with simple beautiful people. When I see their smile and good mood at the end of my work, I do not need much more. If the client likes the result - the goal is achieved. 



Another passion for me is sport, love for sports is a love of life. This is what makes me stronger and gives additional energy in creativity, and also confirms that the 40-year boundary is not an age and there are still many tops to climb. 

And of course, my family is very important for me, it's something that's always with me and that also gives me strength for new achievements. But this is another story, just for me. After all, the less people know about your private life, the happier it is.