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Tetiana Korol

Tetiana Korol 44+

During the October Revolution, when the royal family was shot, all people of the Tsar's inner circle were killed with them.  My great-grandfather was among them.
My great-grandmother, along with the children, was deported to the Ukrainian steppes. So part of my family settled in the Kherson region.
About the same time, my ancestors from the father side, Polish noblemen, were arrested and deported to the steppes of Ukraine.
So that is how my family ended up on one territory.

1973 - I was born in the village Novonikolayevka of the Kherson region.
From my childhood I knew that here - in my native village – I am not going to stay forever.
At the age of 4 I started music school. Sopilka, piano, dombra (later I played these instruments on all matinees and concerts)
Then i got tired of playing:)
I was an excellent pupil at school, but with eternal "satisfactory" behavior, ‘cause I was kind of a fighter for justice).

I was very energetic and athletic girl, so I always took part in all school competitions : volleyball, basketball, running, jumping...
At the sixth grade there was a field hockey section . First, I was not accepted (because of the age), but every training I stubbornly came and hung on the fence of the stadium, sobbed, begged, begged to take me to the team. The coach had no choice but to give up and in a month, I played field hockey where everybody was at least 2 years older than me.
After the 8th class I entered the Cooperative (commercial) Technical College. Studied perfectly as always, but...


I had a real chance to be expelled at least 2 times. To direct my energy to a peaceful channel, I was compulsorily made to be a senior of the group. Now I did not disrupt classes, did not ignore the public and cultural life of the College... but on the contrary monitored attendance, behavior, achievements and performance of all tasks assigned to the group...

After graduation I returned home, where I worked as an inspector in the retail for a year and decided to got marry... But a week before the wedding, I realized that this was the end. I'll stay here forever.
I went to Kiev in 24 hours without knowing what was waiting for me ahead.
There, surprised and bewitched with the pace of life, the scale of the big city, I somehow felt myself organic, as if I had always been here. After 2 weeks I entered the courses and moved to live in a student hostel.
I've always been lucky with people. The first work and the first unusual congratulation from the bosses for March 8th. After that I began to learn poetry by heart.
23 years - I got married and gave birth to my daughter. The marriage lasted only a couple of years.
When my daughter turned three, I started to teach her how to block the pain and relax. She has many super talents and very creative and interesting personality. She is my pride!
New meetings, dates... on one of which I was blown with a storm in the open sea, along with the "captain" and his team. On the verge. Alive.
I have 2 higher educations, postgraduate studies and finished many different courses.
I got married for a second time.
At 33 - I got into a terrible car crash, where I miraculously survived. The car crumpled into an iron ball, and I got no scratches.
37 - 38 - loss of relatives... Divorce.
Got interested in painting.
39 - lost the child again... the third terrible "tiny" loss.
I was getting crazy, and the iconography saved me. I had never hold the brush in my hands before but I started painting.


The Maidan.
Helped at the field kitchen and at the clandestine hospital, dragged the tires, carried the food .... I remember how I baked tons of pancakes for Shrovetide for the guys.
And then we bought armories for fellow villagers and a relative that were fighting at the ATO (Russian-Ukrainian war). One of the armories is still at my home.

I`m just a complitelly different person than I was before.
After so many shocks, I changed. I learned to communicate with my daughter as an equal and we became best friends.


I create paintings. Opened the  art studio.
At the age of 43, I started to communicate with people after a long period of seclusion (5 years).
At 44 - the first solo art exhibition "Kvіtucha dusha" (Blossoming soul).
My works participated at 5 auctions, 3 of which were charitable.
My paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Turkey...
In November 2017 - my second solo exhibition began.
I pass the selection to the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
When I turned 44 - I was proposed to place some of my works at Shevchenko museum in Beijing. I gave the smallest one))))
Yes, I have ambitions, dreams and plans.

I want to become a successful, popular and famous artist, and I'm working on it. I want new opportunities for myself and my child.
The sun and the sea are the best charger for me.

I love nuts madly. I am a nut-man :). I ask my daughter when she buys nuts to divide them into small portions and hide them in different places so that I do not eat everything at once))).
I am also dependent on love, praise and recognition.

The world and my family are my inspiration.