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Tanya Semenyuk

Tanya Semenyuk, 65+

0 - ukrainian
5 years old – live in Germany, translate from German to Russian and backwards.
13 years old – go swimming, take part in competitions.
19 years old – graduated from collage.
22 years old – my daughter was born.
From 24 till 30 – head of planning department.
30 – move to Australia.
33 – graduated from computer collage, work at import company.
40 – open my own brand clothing boutique, fly all over the world to buy goods for my store.
65 – on pension.
Traveling a lot. Don't plan and as it is said: yesterday gone, tomorrow might never come, enjoy the moment.
Help WISPA, that saves moon bears from the cages where they are "milked" for their bile using the metal catheter inserted into the animal's gall bladder.