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Tamara Li

Tamara Li, 56 +

0 – was born in Kyiv.
20-27 – studied at Repin Arts institute Soviet Union Academy of Arts and Kyiv governmental Arts institute (theory & history of Arts)
27-28 – started working in national reserve Sofia Kiyvska, Mukhailivska trapezna dept.
30 years old – became curator of Governmental national Museum of Ukrainian decorative folk arts & became a director of "Triptih" gallery.
35 – art curator of many international exhibitions, author of more than 300 art projects in Ukraine & Europe. Starting to conquer the world.
38 – became an author and curator of "Ukrainian 20 century Art" project
40-41 – director of art centre at Kostyolna, executive director of " Ukrainian culture and the World" charity foundation. Author & curator of "Verkreizungen" project at National Arts Museum (Vienna, Austria).
At age 42 – became an art director of International art studios of Ukraine
44-45 – chief curator at IV and V International fine arts festival of eastern Germany ( Magdeburg , two catalogues). Became a member of international art critics association "AICA" (UNESCO), author of more than 10 art catalogues; Among them projects that became a visit card of Art Ukraine.
From 48 till now – curator of many international and worldwide art projects: "Will to Boundless" Kyiv-Paris (Russian museum), " 100 names. Modern art of Independent Ukraine", Luka Osyka exebition (Paris), " Androgin" project (Paris), "Expression of everyday" project by Volodymyr Filipov (Paris), " Ukraine – Latvia art dialogue" exebition.
Despite of my everyday work I'm a mother who tough her children to love beautiful things that surround us every day.