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Svetlana Melnyk

Svitlana Melnuk, 62 +

5 years old – childhood in South Ukraine, remember our trips to the river with other children.
7 years old – learning to play fortepiano.
14 years old – ballroom dancing.
17 – actively hiking at the institute, mountain hiking, skiing - Crimea, Carpathians, Caucausus, Ural, Belarus forests. Taking part at climbing competitions.
21 – my son was born. Graduate from Mukolaiv shipbuilding institute.
25 – my daughter was born. Work as gas turbines constractor engineer at "Zorya" plant.
27 years old – fond of gardening and flower gardening and learn how to do it right at our country house.
31 years old – learn how to stucco and do this for the first time at the country house.
33 – help my children to learn ballroom dancing. Sewing their costumes for competitions by myself.
38 – retrain for accountant. Working as chief accountant till now.
49 – my husband died. Life changed but I’m still living, became stronger. Move to Kyiv.
53 – fond of theatres, yachts, learn how to dance Salsa & West Coast. Taking part in dance show. Found lots of new friends.
58 years old – my son’s daughter is born - my first grandchild. I’m spending lots of time with her and trying to take a picture of every interesting moment of her life.
61 years old – my daughter makes me happy with the second grandchild. Visiting my son in law homeland - Slovenia and travelling to London with my family.
62 years old – visiting free English courses by Kyiv city governmental administration. Planning to become a pensioner and travel all over the world with my friends and family. Want to spend more time with my grandchildren and meet my friends more often.
Planning to make another one flowerbed near our home so the neighbours could see not only parked cars but the beauty of the nature!