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Ruslan Yanov

Ruslan Yanov, 50+

What can I tell about myself ... big soviet country, than Ukraine, small city Boguslav. Went to school like other children, lessons, friends...
Fond of sports and Eastern philosophy.
Was a pretty good sport coach, knew how to capture children's attention.
Grew up near Ros river, fond of diving and underwater hunting. Was visiting authentic sport club and had really good results.
Remember my first love like it was yesterday.
17 years old - fond of diving
18 years old – army, special forces in Hungary.
1987 – came back home to Boguslav. Love its landscapes, cliffs, Ros river, ancient city and its strength.
Was married, have a daughter.
In the middle of the woods, I built my own ideal home for the family.
Nature friendly.
Making wine, as I always wanted to create a unique combination of flavors of my native land.
Trying to be in shape. Love sports - yoga, meditation, Oriental martial arts.
Trying to be realistic, love life as it is...
Still on my path, my soul is still in search ...
50 years old - I am fascinated by new dreams and I trying to make them true.