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Ruslan Nojhenko

Ruslan Nozhenko, 50+

There is a concept " zhiviani" ie person who loves life, loves it truly. So that is me.
Was born in Russia, Tver region, ancient city Torzhok, maternity hospital #4. In a year my parents with a deep patriotic feeling came back to Ukraine, Boguslav city. Small but ancient city near Ros river, outpost, end of Kyiv Rus', more than 1000 years old.
Childhood like everybody had in general, "Shked Republic", friends, guitar, school, sports, met a good carate teacher. Really loved Eastern culture, read Zen Buddhism koans. Created a band "Night guest" with my friends. Wrote songs, played music of our own and covers.
What's next? "Red Empire" collapse, army. Expeditionary force, airborne troops, Belgrad, 98 Svirsk division...
1987 – came back home to my Boguslav and my carate teacher. Flew to Crimea, Semiiz, created carate classes there. Sea, trainings... but our friend was practicing carate on the cliff, felt down and died in 40 meters canyon. Investigation, KGB, justified.
Came back to my home town again. Created sports movement and our band again. Training, gymm... Met my love. Didn't think much time, got married. My daughter was born. Wanted to name her – Gloria; it was important for me that her name to include " R". But on general relatives meeting we found the best option - Viktoria.
Commerce, boarders are opened, started to sell cars from abroad... "Fed" my family so had to stop with sports and music. Family is responsibility.
After that time of decadence and than stabilisation. Non-political.
The greatest loose of my life is my family breakdown.
Now? What now?
Not telling you about details: patriotic feeling is burning down, pity for my country ...
Love poetry, read a lot, found of music, play blues. Continue to go in for sports, starting yoga. Interested in blood diet. Believe in children's good future and want to help them. Have a dream to write a book someday and create a music album of my owm.

P.S. but like st. Paul said: « We see the future through dim glass - it's hard to see but we have faith, hope and love».