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Olga Titova

Olya Titova 30+

0 - born in Odesa
Loved to play at the theater, sing songs since childhood.
14 - learning to play guitar.
17 - entered variety-circus college.
And then, I played at the theater, and became a vocalist of the "Form of Life" band.
(When the Maidan began - Olya was an active participant. I guess, many remembers Olga with a guitar that sang songs to the soldiers in Hrushevsky str.)
From 25 develops my theater and TV career.
Became one of the heroes of photo collection - "Women of the Maidan".
Mother of two beautiful children. I recently gave birth to a daughter - Mary.
But I`m not only a real mother, but also a director of theater studio at the Children's Development Center "Balu"