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Olya Bondarchuk

Olya Bondarchuk, 30+

0 – was born in Magadan, Polyarnuy village.
9 years old – move to Ukraine with my mother and brother. ( My father died earlier and our village was closed – gold mines was closed). It was hard for me to learn ukrainian, but in 9th grade I excellent passed my ukrainian exam.
From 13 till 17 – during high school: 5 years of folk classes, performing with older groop (with pensioners))))) at different concerts. Liked it a lot)))
17 – graduated from high school, entered to Zhitomur business and law collage (because my mother wanted so). Finished in 2003
19 years old – accountant.
Dreamed to study in Kyiv but didn't have money for university.... My mother was against. That's why I just ran away from home ...
19 – Entered Kyiv technology and design university (governmental grant). Chemical fiber faculty.
From 20 – work in different fields : Bookstore «Є», alternative energy company, taxi call centre operator, helped with wall decor (modeling) at "Chocolate" restaurant.
From 21 till now – making embroidery professionally (especially love native ukrainian folk and religious embroidery).
From 24 till 25 – work at the bookstores.
26 years old – graduated from "Planet Z" barmen school. Work at "Bochka" pub.
You can see me at night clubs often as I really love electro music and Djs from different countries. Crazy about designers jewellery, especially silver and stones. Collect decorative candles and making wax candles by myself.
From 29 – work at «Lyudi Casualfood» restaurant.
Love to meet new people and communication, as everybody has his own individuality and personality, and this is very interesting.
The most beautiful thing that I saw in my life is Northern Lights.
Always looking for something new ...
Dreaming to see a real whale)))