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Alexander Pedan

Alexander Pedan 35+

I was born in city of Khmelnitsky as the third son in a normal but very intelligent family.

At the age of 7, at a school concert, I read a poem "36.5 again" and recited it regularly till the graduation class. Actually, by chance, I decided on the career of the TV presenter.

All school years I was engaged in creative activities, danced in the national collective "Podillya" (headed by my father), went to the drama class. But, like a lot of children, the main impetus I received was given by KVN (Club of Merry and Witty). At the school, I organized a team and was its captain. We won the school leagues, and that’s when I got noticed by the guys of the KVN TV team "Three Fat Men" and they offered me to join. This is how my television career began.

In 2004 I married, and in 2005 my daughter was born.

2006 - I moved to Kyiv and became the host of "Comedy Club Ukraine" TV show. My family moved to Kyiv only 2 years after .

And then, together with Sergey Prytula and Olga Freimut, we created the morning show "The Rise" on the New Channel. 3 years of daily morning airing made me a "universal soldier", that's where I became a real TV host.

Today, I have more than a dozen television projects done.

To somehow "survive" in the show business I have discovered a world of sport for myself. This is the only way to keep in shape both body and mind. Snowboarding, surfing, parachuting ... I tried myself in about 30 kinds of sports and most of my friends are one way or another related to sports.


In 2013 together with my partner we founded the "Z-Games" - Sports and Music Festival, the largest in Eastern Europe.

In 2016, my son was born and I made my mind to focus on a social purpose - I want to change the system of physical education in Ukrainian schools! I want children to not buzz along physical education lessons, but to enjoy them, feel happy doing sports, become healthier and learn to self-organize.