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Nina Penenko

Nina Penenko, 60+

0 – born in Chernigiv region in beautiful village named Sokolivka that situated in the forest on the bank of wonderful Desna river.
From 4 years old – swam like otter in the river, gathered mushrooms and berries in the forest. Love to climb trees, hedges, barns; skiing and ride a sladge in the winter. Was a sporty girl, healthy and happy.
Till 18 lived surrounded with the wild nature
18 – successfully graduated from high school
23 – graduated from Kyiv National university of Food technology and worked as engineer at Boguslav computer centre
50 years old – became a pensioner and started to pay more attention to spiritual and physical life aspects. Understood that most important thing in life is faith, but LOVE is above all
60+ – looking for life companion. A start over...
Looking for new experience and journeys. Want to find a new job. Wishing changes for better for myself and Ukraine. Believe the better will come!