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Milad Moghadam

Milad Moghadam 23+

0 - Born in Iran into an intelligent, wealthy family.
4 - began to show interest in music.
14 - Listen to rock, alternative and ethnic music, have lots of unusual hobbies and interests though in Iran is not perceived by the public.
15- Fond of tattoo. First pictures appeared on my body. Walked the streets in black leather jacket like a rock star. Was arrested for such hobbies because all unusual is out of the law.
16 - because of persecution was forced to leave native Iran.
17 - travel to Ukraine and study at the Ukrainian university.
From 18th main profession - street musician. Become the best performer on Didgeridoo in Ukraine.

Milad's performances can often be seen on the streets of major Ukrainian cities, festivals, and personal performances at clubs.

Currently Milad is experimenting with various styles of music and sound of ethnic Didgeridoo.