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Max Matveev

Max 31+

Since childhood, I was striving to be the best, unfortunately, I chose wrong path and became the best in bad things.
Then I did not understand that in order to be better, one needs a lot of work, but I only wanted everything at once. Falling lower and lower, the year after year until has fallen to the bottom. Deceived by the best friends, beloved girl, in full solitude there was a moment of realization that I must live a different way, just live !!! I found strengths for changes, I changed not only myself, but people around me. By my own example, I want to inspire people to change, change for the better!


0 - was born in Kyiv
4 - moved to Ministerka - the closed Kyiv district, about which few people know. (N.B. A few years ago, you won`t be able to find our address on any map, because it is an object of state importance;))
I love astronomy since childhood and dreamed of becoming an astronomer.
From the 6th grade - as I had only excellent marks nobody noticed me (because I did everything well and it was taken for granted), so I started to ask my theachers to give me bad marks for behavior in order to draw attention to myself.
13 years - began to write a book, but because of condemnation and misunderstanding of friends and parents - stoped ...
I love classical music. I listen to it all the time.
18 - became a cook.
28 - led antisocial way of life
30 - got into a rehabilitation center
31 - I'm building my life in a new way. I want to travel, and perhaps  go into archeology.