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Elena Volk

Elena Volk 68+

5 years old - my childhood in Belarus. ( my father builds BelAZ plant). Learning to play fortepiano.
14 years old- learning dressmaking
21 – finished my studying at Kurgan Mechanical Engineering Institute (Ural, Russia)
25 – working at R&D
32 – got married and fly away together to deep north - to the gold mines
46 – live in Kyiv -10 years in advertising - publishing real estate magazine
55 – my husband died and I'm stll living, became stronger.
64 – real active life (exhibitions, fashion shows, auctions etc) - 800 facebook photo albums, 2000 friends from all around the world
My Thing is dancing, I just dance every time when the music starts. I dance everywhere - stage, beaches, night clubs etc.
Also I play movies from time to time. I played the owner of a brothel in one Georgian film. And now I took part in casting for Israel movie.
Till 75 – planning to become the face of famous brand like Carmen Dell'Orefice (84years old fashion icon)