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Dmytro Stepanchuk

Dmytro Stepanchuk 39+

0 - born in Kyiv.
I tried to become friends with my peers although I always loved to be along with myself.
4 - my father-engineer begins to teach me how to draw, first spliting the shit into cells.
Listen a lot of music.
After school I tried to choose a profession. Picked up from things which is not annoying.
At age 19, I decided to become a cook.
Graduated from the Kyiv National Trade Economics University, specializing in food technology.
I have really good memory, but I won't tell you a lot ;)
Going to the gym where everybody calls me - Slavik, because the coach confused my name at the first lesson. Although out of the gym I'm Dmitry ... and not an athlete at all.
Love to read. But after reading hundreds of books, I think that after Samuel Beckett you can take a break.
23 - became the chef of the first author's cuisine restaurant in Ukraine.
25 - I began to work for myself - restaurant business consulting and my own catering company.
I am serving presidents, world class stars - Joe Cocker, The Offspring, and others.
26 - interested in motorcycles and bought my first two-wheeled transport.
Jump with a parachute and do scuba diving.
33 - second trip to India. Was on the second highest road pass in the world on my motorcycle - 5360 meters above sea level.
I dream to visit the Himalayas again, because I consider it one of the few places in the world in which you should definitely return.
35 - starting to play percussion drums.
When I heard Lemko's song "Plīvu Kacha" for the first time became interested in ethnography of Ukraine. I dream of exploring this issue when traveling on motorcycle and create an interesting video material on this topic for the public.
38 - received a diploma of a professional photographer.
39 - study academic drawing and plan to try myself as a tattoo artist.
39+ began to prepare an entertaining and educational project - a round-the-world trip with a full immersion in the culture of the countries, traditions of every nationalities and their everyday life.