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Artem Surov

Artem Surov, 25+

0 - was born in Melitopol, Zaporizhskiy region
3-5 – lived in Crimea, growing up with my Mom and grandmother.
6 years old - came back to my hometown and went to school.
10-13 – freestyle wrestling, handball, volleyball.
16-17 – play at the college theatre.
18 years old – went to Kyiv. Because of inflation and unemployment levels was forced to leave home in Zaporizhya region. Had only 200 grn in my pocket, stayed at my friends apartment at Troyeshina, slept on the floor.
18-19 – my first job – waiter. First salary.
20 years old – met Artem Klimchuk – a fashion designer.
My first Ukrainian Fashion Week.
20-22 – first trip to Europe. Fell in love with traveling. Flying to different countries quite often.
23-25 – working as a fashion model. Trying to fulfil my Dream - travel around the world.
Love tattoo.
Planning to moving to another country in nearest future.