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#muse4youth stories

Ruslan Raspopov

... After the relocation, I subsequently owned a small manicure salon, taught English and managed a bar....

Vlad Zabora

There is such creative job as hairdresser.... Despite the fact that I have a higher education and I am currently working as a University lecturer in this field, I get the greatest pleasure from simple work in the beauty salon...

Rostislav Gritsenko

...1- Was diagnosed with Infant Cerebral Paralysis 5 – I suggested a business idea to my parents. I asked my mom to go to Poland and buy T-shirts from there and then we would add some prints onto them and sell them...

Peter Santinello

...At the age of 22, I set the goal to save money and leave for Europe. That trip turned out to be 2 years and over 50 countries...Now I live in Kyiv...

Alexander Pedan

To somehow "survive" in the show business I have discovered a world of sport for myself. This is the only way to keep in shape both body and mind. Snowboarding, surfing, parachuting ...

Tetiana Korol

... 44 - I was proposed to place some of my works at Shevchenko museum in Beijing. I gave the smallest one)))) ...

Ilyana Almasoud

I am half Syrian, half Ukrainian... ...the separation was harder than the two wars I had witnessed...

Max Matveev

Since childhood, I was striving to be the best, unfortunately, I chose wrong path and became the best in bad things.

Dmytro Stepanchuk

0 - born in Kyiv. I tried to become friends with my peers although I always loved to be along with myself. 4 - my father-engineer begins to teach me how to draw, first spliting the shit into cells.

Olga Titova

0 - born in Odesa Loved to play at the theater, sing songs since childhood. 14 - learning to play guitar. 17 - entered variety-circus college.

Milad Moghadam

0 - Born in Iran into an intelligent, wealthy family. 4 - began to show interest in music. 14 - Listen to rock, alternative and ethnic music, have lots of unusual hobbies and interests though in Iran is not perceived by the public.

Yuriy Garmash

6 years old – find out about Stalin's death, wish to stay a kid forever 10 years old – want to become a grow up...with a beard. 16 – take my first photo and make photo enlarger with kerosene lamp because there was no electricity...

Tanya Semenyuk

0 - ukrainian 5 years old – live in Germany, translate from German to Russian and backwards. 13 years old – go swimming, take part in competitions. 19 years old – graduated from collage. 22 years old – my daughter was born.

Yuriy Malinovski

5 years old – childhood in Stalino ( my father builds Donbas mines at the day time and making photos at the evening), studying photography, music, sports, collect coins and stamps ... 13 – starting radio amateur hobby. Fist success at soviet pioneer radio games at Artek – 3d place.

Olya Bondarchuk

0 – was born in Magadan, Polyarnuy village. 9 years old – move to Ukraine with my mother and brother. ( My father died earlier and our village was closed – gold mines was closed). It was hard for me to learn ukrainian, but in 9th grade I excellent passed my ukrainian exam.

Artem Surov

0 - was born in Melitopol, Zaporizhskiy region 3-5 – lived in Crimea, growing up with my Mom and grandmother. 6 years old - came back to my hometown and went to school. 10-13 – freestyle wrestling, handball, volleyball.

Nina Penenko

0 – born in Chernigiv region in beautiful village named Sokolivka that situated in the forest on the bank of wonderful Desna river. From 4 years old – swam like otter in the river, gathered mushrooms and berries in the forest.

Tamara Li

0 – was born in Kyiv. 20-27 – studied at Repin Arts institute Soviet Union Academy of Arts and Kyiv governmental Arts institute (theory & history of Arts) 27-28 – started working in national reserve Sofia Kiyvska, Mukhailivska trapezna dept.

Svetlana Melnyk

5 years old – childhood in South Ukraine, remember our trips to the river with other children. 7 years old – learning to play fortepiano. 14 years old – ballroom dancing. 17 – actively hiking at the institute, mountain hiking, skiing - Crimea, Carpathians, Caucausus, Ural, Belarus forests.

Elena Volk

5 years old - my childhood in Belarus. ( my father builds BelAZ plant). Learning to play fortepiano. 14 years old- learning dressmaking 21 – finished my studying at Kurgan Mechanical Engineering Institute (Ural, Russia) 25 – working at R&D 32 – got married and fly away together to deep north - to the gold mines

Ruslan Yanov

17 years old - fond of diving 18 years old – army, special forces in Hungary. 1987 – came back home to Boguslav. Love its landscapes, cliffs, Ros river, ancient city and its strength. Was married, have a daughter.

Ruslan Nojhenko

There is a concept " zhiviani" ie person who loves life, loves it truly. So that is me. Was born in Russia, Tver region, ancient city Torzhok, maternity hospital #4. In a year my parents with a deep patriotic feeling came back to Ukraine...