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«Muse for Youth»
Inspiration project

Any changes lead to movement.
Movement leads life itself.
The quality of road you`re using -
depends on your choice.
This art project was created in collaboration of the people with different ideologies, occupations but one intention. Creatives, stylists, photographers, florists, decorators, artists, makeup artists, chefs, buyers, cameramen, sportsmen ... by the people and for the people.
«Muse for Youth» - project that aims to draw the viewer's attention to the matter of life's journey that we choose.
The people around us, the fire that burns inside, the gleam in the eyes, a thirst for new challenges, courage to make changes and to change, Muse inspiring for each step, bright colors around us and desire to live and enjoy life. We are all surrounded by mystical Muses and dreams.
«Muse for Youth» - inspiration and emotion art project that allows each of the participants and the audience to get to know yourself better and to understand that life goes on as long as you improve yourself and embody your dreams.
Life is in your hands.
Become a part of «Muse for Youth» art project – share your #muse4youth stories

To become part of the project:

  • - send your life story to 
  • - provide one or several free classes at your school or courses and we will fulfil someones dream together.
  • - by engaging in the information coverage of the project (distributing posts in social networks or enlightening the project in the media)
  • - or in any other way (offer your idea of cooperation - translations, photographing, writing texts, etc.)

     #muse4youth Stories - a study of the influence of time, its flow, changes and immutable things in each of us.

    Lets create a story of people around us together!


Project team:

Part II - Youth
Idea & organization: Oleksandra Sorokina, Dmytro Stepanchuk
Curator: Oleksandra Sorokina
Venue: Platforma
Photographer: Victoria Art
Backstage photo: Yuriy Garmash
Style: Victoria Nóż
Clothing: Ann Kotz and models and stylist own collections
MUH: Diana Dobrovolska, Irina Teslya, Mariya Kovalchuk
Floristics: Sergey Parfenov
Wooden decor : Arman Tadevosyan
Models: Nina Penenko, Tamara Li, Tanya Semenyuk, Olga Bondarchuk, Svetlana Melnyk, Yuriy Garmash, Yuri Malinovski, Artem Surov, Elena Volk, Ruslan Yanov, Ruslan Nozhenko

The exhibition is held as a part of the information campaign «Kyiv - European» with the support of the Department of Public Communications of the Kyiv City State Administration and Kyiv Metro.

Part I - Muse
Idea & organization: Elster kreativagentur 
Curator: Oleksandra Sorokina 
MUH: Yuliya Malyuk
Floristics: Sergey Parfenov floral atelier
Wooden decor : T&M objects - Arman Tadevosyan
Film editor: Sergii Stamov
Director of photography: Kirill Kopa
Cameraman: Alexander Djantimirov
Sound director: Sergii Stamov
Models: Milad Moghadam, Dmytro Stepanchuk, Olga Titova, Olga Bondarchuk
Venue: Platforma